Vysioneer Teams with NVIDIA to Demo VBrain at RSNA 2019

Vysioneer today announced it will showcase VBrain at the NVIDIA booth at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2019 conference to demonstrate how AI can be used to improve brain tumor care.

Using NVIDIA GPUs, VBrain, a deep learning-based system for brain tumor auto-contouring, can be applied to the three most common types of brain tumors: metastasis, meningioma, and acoustic neuroma. The system has a great potential to facilitate and accelerate radiosurgery treatment planning workflow.

“If oncologists contour too small an area, radiation doesn’t treat the whole tumor and it could keep growing,” said Jen-Tang Lu, founder and CEO of Vysioneer. “If they contour too much, radiation can harm the neighboring normal tissues.”

Vysioneer first debuted VBrain in September at the American Society for Radiation Oncology conference in Chicago, drawing significant attention and interest from hospitals and medical practitioners. At the RSNA 2019 demonstration in the NVIDIA booth, Vysioneer will showcase the latest clinical features of VBrain, including tumor quantification, contouring, and end-to-end workflow.

Being a member of the NVIDIA Inception accelerator program for AI startups, Vysioneer was able to accelerate the development of VBrain and deploy its AI solution into the clinical workflow. To scale the deployment of VBrain, Vysioneer plans to make AI solutions available on NVIDIA NGC, a container registry that provides streamlined delivery of software to hospitals’ GPU-accelerated compute ecosystem — a move that will accelerate Vysioneer’s time-to-market, minimize deployment risk, and reduce total cost of ownership.

By delivering new diagnostic and treatment capabilities that enhance patient care, Vysioneer is ushering in a new generation of smart hospitals.

Demo Information: Time: Dec 3rd, 11:10-12:10 Location: NVIDIA Booth #10939

More details can be found on the NVIDIA Blog