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Founded in 2019, Vysioneer is revolutionizing cancer care through artificial intelligence and cloud service. Our mission is to make cancer care more accurate, more efficient and globally accessible.


Full Body Contouring
Applicable to 70% of radiotherapy procedures.
One-Stop Solution
Apply contouring to tumors and organs at risk (OAR) in one system.
Only needs clinician review and validation. No manual contouring hours.


Increased accuracy and pinpoint contouring break the barriers of experience.
Clinical findings indicated clinicians assisted by AI demonstrated 12.2 percent increase in lesion detection. Less experienced clinicians also demonstrated an increased accuracy with the help of AI. With increased ability to identify hard-to-find lesions and reduced inter-observer variation in contouring, patient outcomes are tremendously impacted.
Neuro-Oncology 2021

Randomized Multi-Reader Evaluation of Automated Detection and Segmentation of Brain Tumors in Stereotactic Radiosurgery with Deep Neural Networks. Neuro Oncology. 2021 Mar 23.

Without VBrain
Without VBrain
With VBrain
With VBrain


Optimizing workload capacity while increasing quality of care.
Fully automated contours are generated by VContour in one minute. Hours of manual contouring time are reduced to within a few minutes with clinician attention only needed for review and validation, creating a quicker workflow and increasing productivity. Freeing clinicians from this tedious process allows more time to focus on what is most important – quality patient care.


Vendor-neutral integration with software that works quietly in the background.
VContour is vendor-neutral and can be seamlessly integrated into any treatment planning system or PACS system, using either the cloud or on-premises solution. Automatic contouring completes in the background and exports directly from the imaging scanner to the TPS, requiring no change to the clinician’s daily routine.

Upgrade to the New Standard in Treatment Planning

Cut treatment planning time from hours to minutes. Identify hard-to-find lesions and target tumors with pinpoint accuracy. Request a demo and see the automation in action.